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Welcome to kimoto.us

Home of JavaScript Centrality and ColorMatch 2 plus. This is the personal webspace of Andrew Kimoto.

Here you will find information about JavaScript and CSS (including a number of JavaScript code and CSS style examples), a listing of my past and current web projects, and some of the web tools that I have created or modified.

Lately I have been trying out some of the CSS3 style properties. Examples are available in the CSS Studio.

My latest creation is an Online Japanese Kanji Dictionary. This one-page web application uses a combination of MySQL, PHP, JSON, and jQuery. Kanji lookups can be performed by radical, stroke count, reading, and via a direct lookup interface.

Another creation of mine is ColorMatch 2 plus, a color scheme creation tool based on the venerable ColorMatch 5K. To the original application I have added:

I am still working on finishing my JavaScript language reference.

Here is a summary of the content of this site:

Kimoto.us has been online since April 28, 2005.

This site was created using the WYSINWYG (What You See Is Not What You Get) text editor EditPlus. Graphics were designed using Corel PhotoImpact.

Feel free to email me with questions or comments.